Sankalp India Foundation - Case Study

Sankalp India Foundation felt the need for elaborate IT infrastructure to assist them to reach out to a larger audience, set up funding and enable centralized management and tracking of projects. They contacted Jagriti Innovations for managing their IT backplane. Over the years, Jagriti Innovations has been closely working with Sankalp India Foundation in shaping the right IT tools.

Sankalp India Foundation is an NGO working since 23rd May, 2003. The NGO works for the cause of voluntary blood donation, assisting people in need of blood. Sankalp has also set up a centralized blood helpline number across the state of Karnataka, India. The organization has pioneered Thalassemia management by setting up centres currently managing 500+ thalassemic patients.

Apart from Blood, the organization helps out the victims of disasters and has worked for the disaster relief efforts during Tsunami, the Kashmir Earthquake and the floods in Tamil Nadu, the floods in North-Karnataka, the Sikkim Earthquake, amongst several others. The Organization celebrates the spirit of Nationalism with Project Tiranga - an initiative that gives opportunities to convert the patriotic feelings to actions.

Sankalp India Foundation makes extensive use of web based applications, cloud hosting, mobile networks, mobile applications, and other contemporary technologies for the purpose of creating information technology tools which play a crucial role enabling the delivery of our objectives. These web application are specifically tailored for the various needs and activities of our organisation including:

  • Information management and handling 
  • Planning, execution and review of events, activities and projects
  • Stakeholder relationship management
  • Management of statutory requires, HRM, finance and administrative functions.
  • Obtain organisational efficiency 
  • Scientific study
  • And to obtain transparency, traceability and quality
The extent of organisational efficiency with which Sankalp India foundation operates can be gauged by the fact that in the year 2013 - 2014, the organisation :
  • Collected 12,000+ units of blood in blood donation drives, 
  • Operates the blood helpline of Karnataka catering to 15000+ blood requests, 
  • Maintains the most unique network of extremely rare blood group donors
  • Supports disease management and care for more than 550 children suffering from thalassemia - a genetic blood disorder and 
  • Pioneered scientific study, publication and knowledge sharing in blood transfusion medicine from the non-government institutions side
  • Successfully executed more than 150 events with tens of thousands of stakeholders last year.
All of this is achieved with just 4 full time employees and 8 volunteers who have full time employment elsewhere. This would not have been possible without the assistance of an extremely powerful and efficient information management tools that the organisation has heavily invested in and benefitted from. 
Sankalp India Foundation makes use of contemporary web technologies accessible through all types of devices, sms and mobile technology, innovative use of hardware for seamless user interface at the heart of which lie web based web applications built using Drupal( Each application is extremely tailor made to suit the exact operational needs of the organisation, the backend of the applications is uniform with similar structure, user permissions, security, modularity, accessibility and performance. This makes developing, maintaining and getting users to quickly adapt to and start using the power of technology easy and seamless.
The use of IT tools has help Sankalp India Foundation to conduct scientific studies by analyzing the data. Few of the scientific studies include:
  • A study of the noncompliance of blood banks on safety and quality parameters in blood donation camps in Bengaluru” has been accepted for publication at Asian Journal of Transfusion Medicine and will appear in the next issue.
  • Complications related to blood donation: A multicenter study of prevalence and influencing factors in voluntary blood donation camps in Karnataka, India” is currently under editorial review.
  • Invited to speak on "Our Experience with Bombay Phenotype"  at Indian Society of Blood Transfusion and Immunohematology - Karnataka Chapter Annual WorkShop-2013, Bellary
  • Invited to speak upon "Developing Donor Haemovigilance- A presentation of  haemovigilance done at camps" at meeting of ISTM, Karnataka in February 2014
  • Invited to speak about "Our Experience with Bombay Blood Group" at Transmedcon 2013 , the Annual Meeting of Indian Society of Transfusion Medicine - Bangalore
  • Invited to speak on “Disaster Management and Networking Blood Banks” at National Workshop on Quality Assurance in Transfusion Services at Indian Society of Blood Transfusion and Immunohematology - Karnataka Chapter Annual WorkShop-2012, Bangalore 
  • Our free paper on "Quality in Blood Donation Drives:  A Study of Noncompliance" was accepted for presentation at Transcon 2011, the Annual meet of Indian Society of Blood Transfusion and Immunohematology, at Chandigarh and won the second place at a National level

Sankalp India Foundation has also received several awards for its IT tools which include:

  • The ThalCare App was built in response to Novartis Thalassemia App Challenge on May 2013. The android app was adjudged second runner up in the challenge.
  • The tool Thalcare has been adjudged "WINNER of Manthan Award Asia Pacific - 2013" under e-Health category.
  • Sankalp India Foundation was declared one of the winners under Thalassemia category in Spirit of Humanity Awards - 2014.